Bükkös Hotel & Spa, Szentendre, Budapest, HungaryBükkös Hotel & Spa, Szentendre, Budapest, Hungary

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
The fmcg industry includes food and non-food everyday consumer products. They are usually purchased as an outcome of small-scale consumer decision so they are heavily supported (advertising, promotion) by the manufacturers. Typical purchasing of these goods occurs at grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets etc. The manufacturers are always exploring new outlets and sales locations while the traditional retailers have introduced private label brands to capture additional profit. Every one of us uses fast moving consumer products every day.

This business is based on building powerful brands and achieving a high level of distribution.
Global power brands are the choice of multinational companies. Local brands can compliment these. Achieving superior distribution thorough a powerful supply chain and making sure the products are available wherever someone might want or need it. The fmcg Supply Chain is the interrelated collection of processes and associated resources It includes suppliers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, warehouses, distributors, wholesalers and all other entities that lead up to delivery to the final customer. Followed in the market through sales force activity it can help gain a high level of distribution. Market Research, consumer research, segmentation and product positioning is the compulsory homework of any company in this industry. Advertising and promotions, POS activities drive brand awareness, trial, purchase and is a core activity. While TV advertising is most common new solutions are also used including internet advertisements. High budgets, creativity and detailed planning are needed.

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We will soon be adding valuable content to our site about fmcg companies (food and non-food, tobacco and drink), processes and other aspects of the industry.. You will be able learn more about the marketing, promotion and sales aspects from both manufacturer and retailer perspective. This will include private label, advertising, online presence and shopping  on the internet.

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Bükkös Hotel**** & Spa is the only 4* hotel located in the Szentendre region of Hungary. Szentendre is a historic riverside town located right next to the capital city, Budapest. The hotel offers packages and facilities for the leisure and business traveller with individually styled rooms, meeting facilities, a superb spa and an on-site specialty restaurant. Located in the town center all local attractions are easily accessible and Budapest can also be reached via public transport (H5 HÉV-local train) or car. Onsite indoor parking is offered.